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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The move

April 5, 2011
I’m back from the move, and let me tell you, it was a pita!!!  I hate moving under any circumstances, but this was worse.  (Please forgive any errors as I’ve apparently also forgotten how to type properly.)  Okay, I’m scheduled to move with the movers from four to six pm on Saturday, April 2, 2011.  (I told them I had twenty five boxes and a full one bedroom of furniture when I talked to them on the phone.  Cool, right???)  Paul, who owns Big Paul’s Moving, said he would send me a three man crew for the price of a two man crew.  They get there and look like they’ve been bonked on the head.  “Wow, you have a lot of boxes…”  (And yes, I did have more than the advertised twenty five.  By seven  boxes.  Seven boxes don’t take that long to move.  They’re moving slower and slower as this is their fourth job of the day, and here at one point, I’m carrying stuff out to load in my car, so I’m doing some of their work.  Screw that!!!  Two more guys show up just as they’re finishing up.  The guy (higher on hierarchy than my movers were) says take this and we’ll call it a load.  I was like, “what about the rest of it?”  They guy says to me, “You’ll have to make other arrangements for that ma’am.”  So I am ticked, because they charged me through the roof cause they were going so slowly.
     At the same time, I feel badly for them as they still have a fifth job scheduled after mine.  So these two other guys follow us over to the new place with their car and start firing off instructions on where to put things.  I’m like, “Um, hello, my place.  Shouldn’t they be asking me what goes where?”  So I’ve been moving furniture today, which hurts me badly.  I have to admit though, yesterday was even worse.  And better in a way, and I’ll tell you why.  Julie and I and my mom made arrangements to go to the old house and do the cleaning together.  For me alone it would have taken a week.  My mom put in about three hours (and treated Julie and I to lunch first at Penn Station).  Then she had to go home for a customer and to rest.  She came back again today and helped me finish up the last bits.  Cleaning out the fridge, and the stove and the oven.  Got the last bits out today.  Julie and I made two trips yesterday with the Jeep and were able to get most of it.  My car is still overflowing with stuff, but eventually, it’ll all have a place to be.
     Julie was a joy.   She took on the cleaning and just pitched in everywhere.  She wanted to leave for home around six.  She finally got on her way a few minutes past seven thirty.  I did buy her some gas and dinner, so she didn’t have to pay for either meal, lol.  I got a Penn Station Steak and Cheese, Julie got an Artichoke Hearts sub, and mom got a chicken club.  They were all delicious.  It was nice to have some down time before the horrendous job.  Jules worked like a dog.  I felt so bad for her.  I bought her dinner, and she was following me (we had just gassed up our cars) and I pulled over and motioned her up beside me.  Being the dork that she is (sorry, Jules, I love you.  But you ARE a dork!!!), she pulls up in front of my to the side.  So I pull up next to her and roll down the window.  Tell her where she is and how she can get home much more easily from there.  (I did it on purpose.  I went down Montana, where she needed to be, instead of going down Queen City and up Ferguson.  Otherwise, if she had followed me back home, she would have had to go from Ferguson RD back to Werk, back to Epworth, back to Harrison, back to Montana.)  So Julie headed off.  She told her bf, Ansel, that she planned on being home around eight thirty or a little earlier.  So I called him up and said horrible things, lol.  I told him she was on her way back to him, and he groaned, “Why did you wanna go and do that?  Why didn’t ya just keep ‘er???”  I laughed and said, “Be nice to her tonight.  She’s been used hard!!”  He gave that one a second.  He really tried hard, I freely admit it.  Then he goes, “You know that just sounds bad, right???”  I answered, “Yep!”  And then he went on a short rant about my intelligence.  “OMG, mumble, mumble just as bad as….  Mumble, mumble helmet missing…  Mumble mumble, mumble, gasp crazy!!!!”  Julie and I just giggle our way through his rants.  You generally get every third or fourth word, but it’s enough to give you a ballpark, lol.  My fave saying so far, is, “(about Julie M.)  Five foot two and five foot of her is mouth!!!”  That’s my own personal fave, but I’m so sure there are others.  We ganged up on him the other night and he told us, “You two go share a brain somewhere else!!!”  He says we share a brain.  We say we amplify each other’s great intelligence.  W E   A R E     J U L I E    SQUARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, now I’m off to bed.  Will hopefully be able to post more tomorrow about the move and about the new place.  Very soon (read:  As soon as I find the camera) there will be pics of the new place.  I’ve already gained concessions from Chris, the new landlord.  And I took him at his word.  He said he didn’t care if I planted a few plants out front.  So I planted some Morning Glories today as well as a long trellis, for them to grow up to the porch and hopefully on it.  We shall see.  And that’s enough info for today.  Cable will be here in about thirteen hours, give or take a few, and I’m ready for ‘em.  I’m hoping I can get mom over here to morrow to help me hook up the printer.  It involves laying flat on the floor and tossing the power cable up through the hole in the back of the cubby.  Hopefully, we can get it done lickety split.  Anyways, now that I’m back online, hopefully, I’ll be catching up on emails.  I’m sure you’ll all see a lot of me over the next couple days!!


Terry said...

OMG! THANK YOU!!!! I sooooo needed that healthy giggle (Okay, full belly laugh) that you just gave me from this post. I hope everything has settled down from the move.

mdgtjulie said...

Mostly, and I'm glad I could give you a good laugh. I'm usually the type to laugh, not cry, and I try hard to share the laughs with everyone else!!